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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


-Urban Outfitters Brown and White Quill Earrings
-Hometown Heroes Whiskey and Lace Gray Ripped Up Top
-Brass Plum Black Cropped Cardigan
-H&M Silver Oxidized Cuff
-Betsey Johnson Sheer Herringbone Tights
-Forever 21 Stretch Peplum Denim Mini Skirt

I'm back I guess!! 

A good amount of photos... yay. I tried dip dying my hair last night with lemon (it worked, but it's faint) can you tell?

***Awkward hand.

Love this one!

It feels like I'm skateboarding in this shot. Articulated wrists - score.

Love this one too.

Monday, October 10, 2011


I went out with Aisha for lunch. It took us four hours to get us there and back. Lovely day.

Aisha sampling her lemonade before the pizza arrived. 

Tut tut!

Gorgeous profile. 

AAHHAHA this photo makes me crack up every time.

This one too... this is all a result of way too much food eaten in a period of time.

The world on crack due to the lack of blood flowing to my brain.


The sky looked like a cosmic galaxy!

A couple of normal photos...

-Urban Outfitters Brown and White Porcupine Quill Earrings
-Forever 21 Black Ribbed Tank (DIY Bleached)
-Roxy Faded and Cuffed Shorts
-Vans Black Tennis Shoes



Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hey guys, another haul!!

NARS Eyeshadow in Night Sun
NARS Eyeshadow in California
Bare Escentuals Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick in New Orleans
Bare Escentuals Buxom Lip Gloss in Tara
Tarina Tarintino Gem Gloss in Tokyo Hardcore

These eyeshadows were only eight dollars, they usually are twenty three dollars so this is a great deal. I love NARS eyeshadows, in fact NARS is one of my favorite brands. I think they are discontinuing the shades, that's why they are on sale. That's a shame since I think both shades are quite stunning.

NARS eyeshadows come in beautiful silky black texture with a slight rubbery feel. They each come with mirrors and a plastic sheath to protect the shadows.

Night sun is a bright true yellow gold with gold glitter. For NARS, their glitter is more "flakes" than something like the glitter particles in Urban Decay. These do fallout easily similar to most glitter, so this can be a down fall.


California on the other hand is a true favorite all ready. NARS eyeshadows are buttery smooth and finely milled. Their not sheer and dry, but not to creamy and powdery. California is a rich red based copper - gorgeous.

That's my finger barely touching the pan!!

This lip gloss may look scary, but it's simply a clear lip gloss with green glitter/reflects. This was on sale for five dollars!! I purchased it because I love the way green reflects look on lips, it instantly brightens the look, and don't worry you don't actually see any green.

The wand is quite nice, long and angled.

I got this Bare Escentuals set for 12 dollars. I love Sephora Sale! Also, ignore the missing key on my computer, I found it.

Bare Escentual Buxom glosses are nice and smooth, a little bit thick though. They have a tingly feel when applied because of their plumping attributes.

In the light you can see this is a beautiful coral with purple duochrome, it goes on sheer and quite captivating on the lips. I've been wearing it for the past week!

This product is super creamy and lightweight on the lips, plus it has the same tingling plumping effect. The color is a peachy coral with a hint of nude so it's still wearable. I love the packaging and twist up stick, very convenient. By the way, the two products together create a nice flattering coral lip.

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow Palette in 710 Not Just Nudes
MAC Eyeshadow Quad in Angel Flame

This quad came out brand new in the Fall Color Collection.

The shades are chamomile, a light creamy bisque, angel flame, a warm golden peach, feather pink, a creamy light pink, and gravel a creamy mid tone gray.

Chamomile is somewhat similar to Heaven in the Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Shadow Collection, but it's a little bit more yellow toned. Angel Flame is an exact dupe for MAC Melon Pigment, which I love. The pink and gray shade I don't have in my collection, so I'm happy to add them.

Pretty combo!!

All of the shades swatch with a light touch, they're rather sheer. I like this though because I think the texture is nice and layerable. 

I love these Revlon cream shadow palettes, I also have it in 705 Precious Metals. The packaging is really pretty and the shadows themselves are creamy, pigmented, and long lasting. They usually are opaque, the really shimmery ones can sheer out more easily though.

I want to definitely buy more of these, Skinlights was out of stock sadly. 

Swatches of all the shades.

The dark brown has a creamy bronze tone and the tan one is a nice matte shade. (So far this is the only matte one I've tried in their cream shadows.)

This is a nice warm orange toned bronze and matte cream color with a hint of light shimmer. These look so pretty for a smoky eye, or highlighting a simple look. :) 

What have you gotten recently?
Thanks for reading!



Outfit of the Day #4

-Forever 21 Ivory & Gold Hoop Earrings
-Forever 21 Gold Flower Necklace
-Forever 21 Gray Basic Ribbed Tank
-Guess Fuchsia and Lavender Button Down Shirt
-BDG High Waisted Stretch Cigarette Jeans

So many photos in this shoot... which is good.

My leg is disappearing!!

I like this one, but it didn't showcase the outfit a ton.

Overall feeling of my day.

Yeeeeeaaa super close to the camera. :)