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Monday, October 3, 2011


Yay! More photoshoots!!

These photos were taken over a period of about one or two weeks? It's from three main days.

First up a chill day with madame livs.

-Forever 21 White and Gold Hoop Earrings
-Forever 21 Fuchsia V-Neck Tee
-Roxy Graphic Gray Sweater
-Forever 21 Navy Leggings
-Vans Black Tennis Shoes
-Roxy Red and Purple Striped Tote

Cheezin' hella hard at the bus stop.

Same bus stop, different day. Well, with Olivia there was no bus stop. When I went with Aisha the bus stop was made! Huzzah.

Herrah cewt.

Hai guize!!

Love the contrast to this photo.

This ones a nice shot, the sunset really makes the photo.

Third event!! I went up to the countryside with Olivia for the weekend.

She's quite amazing isn't she.

One of my favorite shots of all time. It's quite a lovely landscape with Olivia just chilling in the corner.

-Forever 21 Twisted Silver Hoop Earrings
-Roxy Reversable Floral/Striped Bikini
-Forever 21 Sheer Danny Roberts Graphic Tee
-Guess Fuchsia and Purple Plaid Button Down Long Sleeve Shirt
-Forever 21 Black Leather Hot Pants
-H&M Turquoise Round Ring
-Forever 21 Turquoise Knuckle Ring, Gold Bow Ring, Gold Flower Ring, Silver Engraved Knuckle Ring
-Salvatore Ferrgamo Black Leather and Suede Gladiator Sandals

A quick moment with Olivia's red bandanna. 

The landscape was stunning.

She enjoys the selfies.

fewf! many photos!! :)


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